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School Bullying Prevention Through Game-Play

Millions of Kids Face The Violent
Reality Of Bullying... Everyday.

13 Million Kids Are Bullied Each Year! 

Bully Board Games, located in Warner Robins, Georgia, is a company committed to making the world a safer place to live for young people. The UTurn Bullyboard games, were designed to encourage safety and communication about the dangers of bullying at home, on the school bus, in the classroom as well as on the playground. Parents, teachers, school administrators, church leaders, youth leaders, and law enforcement personnel should include this amazing game in their lesson plans. The game of UTurn Bully helps prepare kids for the dangerous world of bullying.


Bully Board Game, Playground Safety in Warner Robins, GA

Newest Innovation In Board Games
Helps Combat
School Bullying


UTurn Bully BOARD GAMES CAN HELP!  Education starts at home, however, we must do more to raise awareness in order to keep our children safe at home, in the classroom, on the school bus and playground. The UTurn Bully board games are ideal for bringing families together for a family fun-night. (A game of fun while they learn).

UTurn Bully board games were developed by an outraged parent, concerned about the growing epidemic of violence in schools around the world. The rising instances of bullying continues to adversely affect the lives of far too many young people everyday. Kids are finding, that the UTurn Bully board games are fun, challenging, exciting and what they've needed in the fight against bullying.

"This Game is Truly Wonderful!!! I believe that UTurn Bully™ board games will help parents and teachers address the difficult challenges of bullying in a fun and practical manner."  - Dr. Cynthia Statham. PhD, Public School System



The UTurn Bully™ Board Game


UTurn Bully board games are unique, exciting and interactive learning tools, designed to build character, develop life-skills and assess the level of sensitivity to violence. This game will also challenge each player's decision-making skills, conflict resolution ability and overall knowledge of the brutal world of bullying. Indeed, it is the game of your life!


School Should

      Be Fun.

Empower Kids

     To Beat

   The Odds!


Give Students A Fighting Chance!   Against Bullying.

While there are some games on the market today that heavily promote violence. UTurn Bully board games discourage the awful behavior and helps prepare kids for the dangers of bullying. 

"90% of 6th graders report having experienced bullying."  - Dr. Leslie Gargilulo. PhD Source Ashworth College


The Game Changer


On a mission to become 0% Bully™ (bully-free), up to four (4) players must compete to be the first, in the world of bullying, to turn the behavior around. 

Not only will UTurn Bully board games help open the lines of communication about this difficult topic, it will  help parents and teachers gauge children's feelings and experiences with bullying. UTurn Bully board games are great educational tools that invites a more in-depth discussion of this growing problem and will help inspire kids to stand up against bullying.


A Reported 13 Million Students Are Bullied Each Year.  - According to a White House Report.

    It Does Matters What We Teach Kids
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